Whether baby walkers are safe or dangerous?

As a parent, you may have heard a lot of conflicting information about baby walkers, so you wonder whether it’s a good equipment to your baby or a dangerous one. We have done a research and have glimpsed the myths to bring you the truth about baby walkers.

Firstly, you should know the what a Baby Walker is. A baby walker consists of a solid frame set on wheels, a cloth sling with leg openings for your baby to hang in, and a plastic tray that contains toys for your kid’s entertainment. Baby walkers are suitable for children at the age of 5 months to 15 months old, and they support children in a pre-walking stage before moving about by pushing their feet against the ground.

Secondly, we can deny the benefits of baby walkers in keeping the kids entertained and busy playing while parents are busy with work. And some parents also think that baby walkers will help a child learn to walk sooner. But some researchers show the evidence that baby walkers do not help your baby to walk earlier. Even Kids who use baby walkers may experience a delay in crawling, standing alone, and walking alone.The amount of baby walker use is associated with the extent of the developmental delay, mean that more time babies spend in a baby walker, it could result in a greater delay of children’s walking ability.

Moreover, common injuries related to the use of baby walker are head or brain injuries, broken bones, and burns or scalds. Injuries often occur most from either falling or approaching dangerous items. Also, children spending much time in baby walkers lose playing time on the floor, learning important walking skills first, including flipping up, sitting up and pulling up. While in baby walkers, children can not learn properly to move and balance their body. Babies usually stand on their toes, which can lead to tight muscles and teach baby to walk on their toes.

In fact, all parents need a few minutes during the day to do the household chores or personal responsibilities, If you choose to use a baby walker as a super solution, be extremely careful:

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly ¬†and use
  • Keep an eye on your kids when they are in a baby walker. Children in baby walkers require constant supervision.
  • Do not leave your child in the walker for more than 15 minutes at a time
  • Use baby gates and safety devices to block a safe area for your child to move freely.
  • Only use in a safe and flat area. Block access to stairs, fireplaces, stoves, and all other hazardous items
  • Put your child near soft furniture (living room) or an activity cube to help them learn to pull-up
  • Sort all delicate, brittle and valuable items from table and shelf.
  • Floors are the safest place for your baby. Set up a safe area on the floor so your child can enjoy their tummy time, learn to roll down and learn to sit up
  • Keep hot drinks out of your child’s reach. When handling hot liquid or food, check where the baby is before you pick up the pan or the tea kettle.
  • Never leave your child unattended in the walker
  • Check that there are no sharp edges or spaces where fingers or toes may be trapped

In conclusion, parents always keep in mind that safety for your child is the most concern of the manufacturers. Therefore, parents should make best use of the benefits of baby walkers by following the instructions of the items.