When can babies use walkers, that’s safe for babies

Any parents who have lovely babies want to find various ways to keep their babies happy and entertained especially in learning how to walk in pre-walking stage. When your toddlers are ready to explore the world, but can’t do it independently. The first thing appearing in your mind is a toy such as a baby jumper. It is considered to be a favorite toy strongly recommended by most of the parents There are a lot of jumpers are voted as the best baby jumpers such as a jolly jumper (a favorite parenting product in the 2013 Kidspot Best Of Awards). The Jolly Jumper was first invented by Susan Olivia Poole in 1910 and produced widely for the retail market in Canada in 1948. It had good reviews from customers.

Now you will know that your baby can stand independently on his tiny to get the different view about the world around him. A jumper can cheer him up and keep him entertained all the time he sits on the jumper. However, you are not sure whether are jumpers safe for your baby or not. Let’s go ahead and check out this item.

A baby jumper is a kind of gear that your baby will sit in a seat attached to a flexible trap. Your baby will use his toes to push up on the ground and feel delighted when bouncing up and down.

Before using these infant devices, parents should be definitely sure that your toddler can control his head well and be ready to support the trunk prior to use. Also, you should choose the right size for your baby to sit comfortably in the device. After that, you should choose your jumper model wisely. There are some kinds of jumpers that you must consider such as a Stationary Jumper, a Stationary Activity Jumper, and a Doorway Jumper. These kinds of jumpers bring a lot of benefits. However, parents must consider their safety issues. The stationary jumper suggested as the best option also has some concerns. It causes muscle imbalances because it puts the baby in a sitting or upright position long before his spines and nervous system are ready to develop. This imbalance is drawn attention by the fact they are able to push with their feet and with extended use can lead to injuries in foot deformities.

For stationary activity jumper, Fisher – price is recommended as the best choice because it is very convenient with a rotating seat, easy storage, and height adjustment. Stationary activity jumpers have far more stimulating activities, keep baby coming back for more rewards including sounds, music and colorful light in every jump. You can see Fisher- price jumper everywhere such as at the best baby jumper Activity Center, Chuck E. Cheese’s or Disneyland and choose the best one with the most reasonable price for your babies.

A Doorway jumper by Graco provides the best doorway jumper money can buy. This doorway jumper has a removable and washable seat, which means it is easy for your baby to get into and get out of it. However, doorway jumpers can only be used in a doorway with a frame, which means that you need to have a jumper near you. However, there are safety concerns about babies bumping heads into side of door frame in the doorway.

Therefore, according to Dr. Cannon, he suggests that instead of depending on a baby jumper, to help strengthen baby’s core muscles is “Tummy time”. Because it helps develop their muscles. We all know that babies are born with primitive reflexes which have overactive nervous system flexor. These reflexes are examples of GRASP (plantar and Palmar) reflex, Moro (startle) reflex, suck reflex, spinal cord reflexes. Tummy time assists muscles to develop or back extensor muscles which in turn helps with the integration of these reflexes.

baby jumpers safety

Any babies who are not given enough tummy time will sometimes skip steps involved in development, which will then cause muscle imbalances and poor coordination. Instead of waiting for the problems to develop, why we do not take our time to develop the right muscle balance and coordination from early on.

In short, as with most things in life, moderation is the key. If we do not do something moderately, anything will go badly. A jumper is not a special thing. Children use jumpers frequently, which won’t help them to walk and may delay their development. However, as long as you keep bouncing to a minimum and check the safety of your jumper, letting your baby have a ball is fine.