Make a Hula Hoop Saturn

How to make a hula hoop saturn for kids In this model a plastic ping pong ball sits on top of a toy motor. The ball spins fast when motor is switched on.

Then a card sheet hoop is gently placed near the diameter of the ball. Surprisingly the hoop can be made to spin as it was the “Ring of Saturn”

Even on inverting the ball the ring does not fall!


  • Wooden Box
  • Table tennis ball
  • Card paper ring
  • 6-Volt toy motor
  • Glue
  • Motor Pulley
  • 9-Volt battery with connector

Step 1
On connecting the toy motor to the battery, the motor shaft will spin at a fast speed!

Step 2
Fix the toy motor on the cover of a wooden box.

Step 3

  • Fix the toy motor in the box lid from below.
  • Motor terminals

Step 4
Connect toy motor terminals to a 9-Volt battery.

Step 5

  • Ping-pong or table tennis ball
  • Motor pulley

Step 6:

  • Apply glue on the motor pulley.

Step 7

  • Stick pulley on ping-pong ball.

Step 8

  • Fix the ball-pulley on the motor shaft.

Place a card ring (hoop) slightly larger than the ball in the ball as shown.

Step 9

  • Push the switch “ON” to spin the motor.
  • Hold the card ring.
  • The ring will start spinning too.

Step 10

  • On leaving the ring it will still keep spinning.
  • Just like Saturn’s Ring.

Step 11

  • The card ring will keep spinning! Why?
  • The spinning will touch the ring numerous times – and will continously push it to spin!

Step 12:

  • Look like Saturn’s ring.
  • The spinning card ring looks absolutely glorious just like the plantet Saturn’s ring.

Step 13:

  • Top view of the spinning card ring. The spinning ball constantly nudges the card ring to spin.
  • Even on inverting the spinning card ring will not fall. It will keep spinning!