Make Toys from Trash

Many things we’ve made including a homopolar motor, DC motor, standing spinning pencils and balloon rockets were inspired by Arvind Gupta’s Toys from Trash. There are hundreds of toy ideas on his site, including water toys, that make for great summer fun and support year round creativity in engineering.

Make Toys from Trash or any of the how tos on Maker Kids, tell you which were your favorites, send us photos and links to your video and we’ll post it on Maker Kids.

About Arvind Gupta

As a student in the Indian Insitute of Technology, Mr. Gupta believed that action spoke louder than words and began teaching children of the university’s cook staff. He also participated in the Hoshangabad Science Teaching Program and developed his idea of creating simple toys and educational experiments using locally available materials as well as items usually thrown as trash. His Web site has instructions, including short video clips on YouTube, in a number of languages, for making hundreds of improvised toys, which he makes available freely without copyright restrictions (Source: Wikipedia).