Make a Motorized Pinwheel

This ultimate summer toy was found on YouTube via Simple Kids Crafts. We’ve edited the video into a few stills and created a step by step guide that can be printed and easily followed. Soda caps can be collected or purchased in bulk online.

1. Start with a piece of paper/foam.

2. Fold paper into a triangle.

3. Fold another triangle.

4. Cut all folds

5. Poke hold in middle.

6. Put a tiny dab of glue in center.

7. Fold tip onto glue.

8. Continue folding tips until you have a pinwheel.

9. Glue a soda cap onto a tongue depressor.

10. Place other cap over battery.

11. Fold foil around a piece of wire.

12. Place foil in bottom of cap.

13. Repeat the first step for second cap.

14. Glue motor onto stick.

15. Complete Circuit. Add pinwheel to motor.

16. Push caps together to start spinning the pinwheel.


Simple Kids Crafts:

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