How to make a marble maze games

How fun your family spends time making a marble maze and create a fun puzzle for everyone to solve. The marble maze also involves in creative and imaginative skills while building and playing with them. Imagine running wild when you come up with challenging designs and fun for your marble maze. All you need is a few basic materials to start building your own marble maze.

1. Preparing the Marble Maze

1.1 Gather your materials.
Before you can begin making your marble maze, you  need to collect the materials. Having everything gathered can make the process easier, more enjoyable, and will help you notice if anything is missing. To make the maze of marble, you will need the following things:
* Cardboard box or sheet.
* Plastic, flexible drinking straws.
* Some kind of glue.
* A marble.
* Scissors.

1.2 Plan the layout.
It may be a good idea to think of a maze layout before actually building it. Making a plan for the maze before hands can tell you if it makes sense, easy or too hard. Have fun drawing some different maze plans and see which one you like the most
* You can build your maze to be as complicated or as simple as you want
* You can add as many paths or dead ends as you would like
* There should be at least one track for your marble to take.
* Most lines in your maze will be straight.
* Make sure each pathway in your maze is wide enough to allow a marble to pierce it.
* You can use flexible parts of the nozzle to act as curves or angles
* It can help you plan your start and end points before adding to your layout.

1.3 Draw the final layout on the maze base.Once you have decided which maze layout you like best, you can start painting it on your maze background. Having a pencil drawing layout can help you feel how it will look and function when you add the straws. If everything you like, you can prepare the straws and start building the maze.
* You can use a piece of cardboard for a simple maze base.
* A flat piece of wood can also be used as a labyrinth foundation.
* You could use a small box to build your maze on.
* Any flat surface that you can glue straws up will serve as a basement maze.* Make sure there are not any bumps or bulges in the base labyrinth unless you want to add challenges to your labyrinth.

2. Building the Marble Maze

2.1 Cut the straws.
You will need a length of straw for each line in your maze. If you have corners in the labyrinth, you may want to use the flexible part of the duct to create them. Once you have cut out a piece of straw for each line in the maze, you can start building the maze.
* Don’t be worried if a straw is too long, you can always trim it before you glue it down.
* You can also cut straw once, paste them down as you go.

2.1 Glue the straws down.
After you have cut your straws to the length and have your maze laid out, you can start gluing the straws down. Cleaning the in-place straws will help form the walls of your labyrinth, trapping marble into the paths that you have created. Take your time and make sure every straw is the right place you want it to be* Allows glue time to dry before using the maze.* It can be very difficult to remove the straws after you have pasted them down. Make sure that the maze is how you want it before attaching the nozzle to the maze base
* If your labyrinth base does not have any walls, you can add straws around the edge of the maze to keep the marble container.

2.2 Label the start and end points.
Now that you’ve contructed the maze walls using the straws, you can label the starting point and end point. Having the start and end points of the labyrinth labeled can help others know how to navigate the maze properly. This will allow you and your friends to enjoy the challenge of your maze together- Try using many different symbols or words to start and end the maze- If you have no room to write the words “start” and “end”, you can draw a simple shape instead. For instance, a small square may indicate the starting point of the maze, while a circle marks the end.- You can try adding other marks to indicate “dangerous areas”. If the marble touches one of these signs, you must start the maze again.

2.3 Add the marble and play.
When you have built the maze, all that remains to do is have fun with it. Place the marble in the starting point, select the maze and tilt the maze to move the marble. Have fun trying to get the marble from one end of the maze to another
* Try new challenges. For example, you can see who can find the fastest way through the maze.
* You can try adding more marble to the maze. This marble must be avoided when you navigate your marble through the maze. If your marbles touch each other, you have to start over.

These above ways to teach you make a marble maze game for yourself. Try to follow it and enjoy your marble maze.