Best kids trampoline

Trampolines are good for health and are excellent for the whole family to have fun together. There are many types of trampoline as: Round, Rectangular, Oval and octagonal trampoline sizes and prices vary. It is difficult for you to choose the best kids trampoline right with your requirements.

You do not have much time to research about them, but I will help you with that and I have created buying guide to help you find the best kids trampoline for your family.

1. Safety

Although trampolines are pretty safe, but if you do not pay attention you get hurt. So I will give some things to consider when using trampolines

  • Use safety nets and pads. Trampoline enclosure is specially designed to surround the trampoline. They prevent jumpers from flying off the trampoline, or injuring themselves by landing on its frame or springs.
  • Place the trampoline on the ground. Don’t allow somersaults or other potentially risky moves on the trampoline.
  • Limit activities Don’t allow somersaults or other potentially risky moves on the trampoline.
  • Do not allow jumping without adult

2. Trampoline Enclosure

That’s because we consider them a must-have feature. Why? Because they make your trampoline more secure and safe for both children and adults to use. If you purchased doesn’t come with a enclosure, I recommended that you purchase one for safe.

kids trampoline enclosure
kids trampoline bar

3. Trampoline Bars

With young children, if you don’t want enclosures, you should purchase a trampoline with bars.

4. Radius

Bigger is better? Depending on your intended use and trampoline area for you to choose suit your requirements: indoor type (8 ‘Round – 12’ Round) or outdoor (14 feet in diameter can be). You should look at where you put the trampoline. Make sure you enough space to put the trampoline you will buy.
Also, you should pay attention not to put the trampoline under the tree / trees that would be very dangerous if you jump too high.

5. Age

Children grow very fast, usually some kind of trampoline age limit, if your child is 9 years old and the maximum limit of trampoline is 9 you will have to buy a new one, so you need to choose a trampoline for life Its long, so will save you costs

6. Trampoline Shapes

There are many available shapes: oval, square, rectangle, circle, octagon.

To use in your home or small area you should buy a round trampoline (circle), are often cheaper than other types and is suitable for the family, and such Dimensions: 8ft. x 8ft. x 6.5 ft. SKYWALKER 8 FEET WITH ROUND TRAMPOLINE SAFETY ENCLOSURE COMBO. This type of round is also very safe, because you usually jump in the middle of the trampoline, greatly reducing of falling out.

Benefits Round Trampoline:

  • With a small area, it is a great choice.
  • Very suitable for home entertainment.
  • Bargains.
  • Safety, so just jump in the middle of the trampoline.

Drawbacks Round Trampoline

  • You can not jump as high as Rectangular trampolines

Rectangular trampolines With these you can jump higher, due to the large size so the whole family can dance simultaneously.

Benefits Rectangular Trampolines

  • Sturdy frame, support great weight
  • You can jump higher, and better control when jumping and landing time

Drawbacks Rectangular Trampoline

  • Higher Prices.
  • Jumping higher up if not careful you could fall out.

8. So WHICH IS BETTER Round or Rectangular Trampoline?

With cheap rates, safer and suitable for young children should you choose Round Trampoline
If you want to jump a lot of people at once, jump higher and have a large area to place the trampoline choose Rectangular Trampoline.

9. Trampoline ladders

With some of the trampoline is usually very high, you should pay attention when buying Trampoline ladders enclosed when purchasing products. Trampoline ladders with children can safely go on the trampoline. There are all kinds of elevator: rope ladder, metal, plastic ladders, you should choose plastic because metal ladder in the summer is usually very hot, children use the ladder quite difficult.

trampoline ladders
spring pulling tools

10. Spring pulling tools

With the large trampoline, you should buy Spring pulling tools to be able to move easily when needed switch placement.

11. Trampoline covers

When you do not use, you can use to protect the surface of the trampoline from: sun, rain, dust, rubble …

trampoline ladders
spring pulling tools

12. Trampoline tents

It will encircle your trampoline into a tent. On rainy days it can protect your child from getting wet, but can not jump as high if there are tents, but they’ll still be able to play when it’s raining or sunny. Additionally, you can give your children sleep in the hot summer trampoline.

13. Trampoline basketball hoops

With it, you can experience the slam dunk shot of your dreams do all along. Accessories will include football and basketball, you would have to buy separately with trampoline.

trampoline ladders

14. 13 health benefits of jumping in trampoline

  • Boost immune system, Increase white blood cells, Stimulate lymphatic system, Improve varicose veins, Improve digestion, lungs and all the internal organs.
  • Boost immune system, Build bone density
  • An increase in muscular strength
  • Elimination of toxins from the body, weight loss and overall sense of well-being, reduces body fat
  • Stimulates all internal organs, prevent cancer
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Improves eye sight, Improved posture, balance and coordination
  • Improves sense of balance
  • Rejuvenates body when tired, Reduction in stress level
  • Aerobic effect to heart
  • Revitalized vision and better mental functioning
  • Slowing down the aging process and relief of pain

15. How to workout trampoline with 10 mins

    • Low bounce
    • Max jump
    • 2 minutes each move
    • High knees
    • Buff drops
    • Rest if need
    • Free style