Best Baby Jumpers Reviews

How to choose the best baby jumpers

How lovable your baby is when bouncing up and down and giggling with joy in his baby jumper? Be sure that your babies will be delighted when feeling of moving their bodies. With such a lot of types of best baby jumpers available in the market nowadays, it takes much time and difficulties for the parents to choose the best ones for their baby. Hence, this item will help them to know everything about baby jumpers in order that they are able to buy the right one.

Baby jumpers have necessarily comprised a seat attached to a flexible strap. You need to put your baby in this seat, fasten him with its belt. Then your baby will use his toes to push up on the ground and feel delighted when bouncing up and down.

Baby jumpers are known by different names as a johnny jump up, a Jumperoo or an Exersaucer. Whatever the name you call it, this device is the same. Here is some information helping you to get the best baby jumper.

1. Benefits of a baby jumper

It is obvious that we can see some baby walkers for a sense of balance, movement and cradle swings for soothing comfort. Not only do baby jumpers have the same profits as baby walkers, but also they have a few additional advantages.

  • Muscle Tone and Strength Even though there are no convincing studies to make a decision of the efficiency of baby jumpers and their function in developing hip and strengthening muscles, obviously that they give some level of benefits. However, In order to avoid putting too much stress on certain muscles from repetitive use, jumpers should be used in the best control.
  • Improved Pre-Walking Skills. It is not really a walking tool, but baby jumpers may assist your baby in developing pre- motor skills because a child must learn how to use his or her lower half to stand straight and improving the function of the limbs. Moreover, they not only practice standing and work on their balance, they also learn how to dance perfectly.
  • Advances Comfort and Safety Jumpers give comfort for your child and regarded as a short – term babysitter while you are busy with the household chores. Baby jumper is safer than a baby walker because it doesn’t move away from you and cause no real threat of falling down from the stairs.
  • Visual Stimulation and Interactivity With enormous models of baby jumpers available on the market, jumpers can range from a small activity center to Disneyland on demand and there is always toys and music attached to jumpers to get your toddler involved and entertained.

2. What to look for when buying a best baby jumper?

How to choose the best baby jumper for your baby?
The important and foremost thing to care about is your baby’s weight, age, and height. Manufacturers always give their customers clear instructions for the baby jumpers on the box. Sometimes you find the best jumper for your baby, you can’t buy it because it is not your baby’s needs. You should to go to another store, not need to compromise on your baby’s needs. You should consider 7 things to buy the best jumpers

  • More straps A baby jumper is necessarily composed of a seat with a strap. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to get a jumper with only one strap. To tell the truth, never do you get a baby jumper with only one strap as only having one strap would mean that Your baby possibly moves freely which can cause an injury. Therefore, try looking for the one with enough straps in order that your baby would keep fastened whilst managing to bounce down and up freely.
  • Weight limit The best baby jumpers always enclose with a recommended weight limit clearly written on every box. Providing that you think that your baby can fit into a baby jumper. But it is not as per the recommended weight limit. You shouldn’t get that jumper.
  • Adjusting to your baby’s height Although, most of the baby jumpers have specific age and weight limits. But a few of them have a height limit. Thus, even when you find a baby jumper that is suitable for your baby’s height range, it’s much better if you buy the one which doesn’t have a height limit as no height limit implies that you can adjust its height. As I have said above, the bay jumper is not to be purchased according to the age limit except the development stage of a child, likewise if your baby hasn’t learnt how to walk yet and surpassed the height limit, you’d have to either buy him another jumper for a short time or have to adjust the height of that jumper manually depending on your toddler’s height. Some jumpers equipped with toys if your baby is not able to even reach the toys. Then there is no point for them to be fixed.
  • Seats with padding Whatever you’ve decided to put your child in the jumper for a short time or for a longer period of time, however, you ’ve still made a decision to put them in the jumper. Remember the fact that you may be buying a jumper for them so that they can use their energy on something not so dangerous and they’ll be the ones actually in the jumper. As a result, your baby will feel comfortable when sitting in a soft padded seat.
  • Suspenders Whatever the type of baby jumper, keep in mind that you should not use the jumpers with seats that are equipped with a single flexible strap. A single strap will see the jumper swing left or right which can cause injury. Two or more elastic straps will assist to keep your baby in place while he jumps up and down.
  • Storage You can break the baby jumper down to store it and also build it up because some baby jumpers are detachable. This is a good point for those who is low on storage space or a plus point in general since you want to use it again in the future.
  • Toys Now, It is not necessary for you to get a jumper with toys because the basic function of this device is bouncing. However, getting one with toys is not harmful. The important thing to keep in mind that when you pick a jumper with toys, you must consider whether your baby like the toys which make sounds or he likes soft plush toys. In addition, if you’re going to get a jumper with toys, you have to think these type of toys interest your baby or not.
best baby jumpers
baby jumpers
best jumpers

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat is a really comfortable and fun seat suitable for your kids. Supporting chairs, upright with the soft cloth and a solid base to help children see and interact with the world around. Two toys can link to invite the baby to sit up and play. The seat is removable and machine washable. Pillows for storage and use on the move.


  • Keep baby entertained at home or on-the-move
  • Pillow for compact storage and easy use when moving
  • Removable & machine washable seat pad
  • Upright seat for sitting & playing
  • Soft fabric, Comfortable & supportive deep seat
  • Wide & solid base
  • Two linked toys consist of a butterfly with soft wings & a flower teether
  • Maximum weight: 25 LBS (11,3 KG)
  • Product Dimensions (in inches):20.8 x 15.8 x 5.0

This lovely frog seat, one of the best product of Fisher- Price band, offers a comfortable place and support for the baby to relax and have fun. The vertical position gives your baby a good view of the world around him and encourages interaction in a new way. Soft chairs, upright chairs and wide rungs provide sturdy support. Two playable toys keep the baby entertained, including a butterfly with soft wings and a flower ring. Take a place on the move; It folds for easy movement and storage. The seat is detachable and washable for easy cleaning.

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat offers many toys that pull babies up to play promotes overall mobility and enhances their curiosity. The seats are comfortable and supportive on a sturdy footstool that helps them to see and interact with the world around them, makes them feel comfortable and secure.


  • Convenient folding seats for compact storage or to bring along with
  • Stand on its own
  • Comfortable, padded, great high back for support!
  • Upright seat for sitting & playing
  • Removable & machine washable seat pad
  • Wide & sturdy base
  • Two linkable toys include a butterfly with soft wings & a flower teether


  • Babies may get bored with the same toys if playing for a long time

As one of the most trusted names in quality toys, Fisher-Price has helped to create a special youth for the young generation. Since the 1930’s, they have been doing business to create compelling toys and stimulate a child’s imagination with innovative toys, celebrity-based toys, and baby items. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat is one of the best suitable products for your kids. Why don’t you go immediately to the store and choose this best one for your baby?

Fisher-Price Pink Petals Jumperoo

With a famous slogan ” From everyday play to major milestones, we love being part of your child’s” of Fisher – Price groups. The best baby jumper, Fisher – Price Pink Petals Jumperoo, is an indispensable part of each child’s childhood.


  • Lights, music and sounds reward and encourage every bounce & jump
  • Seat rotates 360 degrees so that baby can explore all around
  • Robust, sturdy steel frame for baby to safely jump – no doorway required
  • Colorful toys and music include lion rollers, crocodiles, butterflies, elephants and hornbills, colorful lights, mirrors and more.
  • The pretty pink sofa can be washed and dried
  • Bouncing busy helps strengthen the overall motor skills of the baby
  • Item Weight: 17.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 23.5 x 24 inches
  • Batteries required: AA batteries required.

This product totally encourages the baby to jump safely into action with music, lights and sounds rewarding every step – and a 360-degree swivel seat for total enjoyment. There’s so much for baby to discover with sweet animal friends on this Jumperoo, including lion rollers, crocodiles, butterflies, elephants and hippos – and soft flowers overhead, spinners, clickers, a bead bar, mirror and so much more, all within baby’s reach. All of these things make the baby’s motor skills develop in a useful way. And easy-peasy folding for storage and portability

Baby will love this Jumperoo– and so will you because of its safety and convenience features that parents will highly appreciate. The sturdy, free-standing steel frame lets baby jump safely—no doorways required. Spring soft keep the little fingers safe. You can adjust it to 3 different heights when your baby grows.It folds for ease of movement and saves storage space. And the padded seat can wash in the machine and dry safe.

This marvelous jumper will help give developing skills & senses a big boost while baby moves and jumps, which make gross motor skills strengthen. And colorful toys, fun sounds, lights, and music all help enhance baby’s developing senses.


  • A lot of colorful and educational toys are in the baby’s reach.
  • Easily adjust three different heights when your baby grows
  • Easy-fold frame for portability and storage.
  • Busy bouncing helps strengthen baby’s gross motor skills.
  • Busy jumping helps babies have a good sleep
  • Soft spring covers keep little fingers safe
  • Keep babies entertained with music and sounds


  • Its color is pink. So sometimes it is not suitable for a little boy.

With a lot of benefits and little negative effects, Fisher-Price Pink Petals Jumperoo is Highly Rated, is a perfect product for your lovely baby. It not only keeps babies entertained for hours with the fun and colorful lights and toys but also supports their growth and develops their motor skills. Why don’t you go quickly to the store to pick up for your toddler?

Summer Infant Portable Activity Center

Summer Infant Portable Activity Center is the perfect entertainer for moms and babies on -the – go or at right home. The compact and lightweight frame is fully assembled and set up in seconds. The unique jumping features and toys are sure to keep the baby active and entertained


  • Lightweight folding frame comes fully assembled with 3-levels of height adjustment
  • Unfolds in seconds
  • Jumping support seat can be removable and machine washable
  • Toys include spinner ball, rattle, teether and mirror book
  • UV canopy protects baby from the harmful sun rays
  • Compact fold with travel bag
  • Perfect for infants 6 months 12 months
  • Product Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 38 inches
  • Item Weight: 13.1 pounds

Summer Infant Portable Activity Center is very convenient for use with the lightweight, easy-to-assemble frame which can be installed quickly. When needed, you can take it into pieces in seconds. Also, this perfect product as baby grows.

Moreover, with some kinds of toys attached to this product allows babies to play with full enjoyment. The unique toys will ensure children entertain and put a smile on their faces. These interactive toys include a spinner ball, rattle, teether, and mirror for your growing kids to learn. The baby will happily jump up and down on soft cloth under their feet.

The most important part of this jumper is that it containstThe UV canopy which protects your baby from UV rays. This makes it perfect for your babies’ outdoor activities.

Thanks to the compact travel bag with shoulder strap, Summer Infant Portable Activity Center helps you easily to carry for use outside on the go or even just around the home.


  • Adjustable for growing babies, super lightweight and packable.
  • Convenient for indoor and outdoor activities
  • Interactive toys for children to learn
  • Quick and easy setting up and unfolding frame
  • Have extra loops to attach more toys.
  • Reasonable price with
  • Safe product with padding soft seat


  • Rattle toys cannot be detached

Summer Infant Portable Activity Center is really a fantastic product of Summer Infant Band who delights moms and babies, by providing safe & innovative products that bring peace of mind. That’s why Summer Infant Portable Activity Center is highly recommended by so many parents because of its handiness.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

All babies really love at the first sight when seeing Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo because of its colorful sights and activities. Babies are always entertained to discover all the things attached to this brightly colored jumperoo with music, lights and exciting sounds reward baby with every jump. Looking at its features then quickly go to a store to pick up the best one for your kids.


  • Seat spins 360° so that baby can discover toys all around
  • Sturdy, free-standing steel frame lets baby jump safely—no doorways required
  • Three-position height adjustment
  • Soft padding seat is machine washable & dryer safe
  • Folds for storage & on-the-go
  • Battery Requires: 3 AA batteries
  • Weight Limit: 25 lbs. (11,3 kg)
  • Target gender: Unisex
  • Product Dimensions: 37 x 32 x 32 inches
  • Item Weight: 15.8 pounds

Rainforest Jumperoo provides comfort and security for your baby to sit and play, he can play in this seat all day without bored. Two soft leaves stretch from the frame to create a high roof with soft toys rolled down to play hilariously. It also has a 360-degree swivel chair with soft spring lid that keeps the fingers safe from clamping, and three-position height adjustment ensures a custom fit for your child.

When your baby plays, all important skills are developing! Colorful toys, fun sounds, and music make baby’s visual and auditory senses develop while moving and jumping up and down helps strengthen large motor skills.

There are so many colors that help your child learn to recognize colors by pointing out each one and slowly saying its name. Reinforce the learning by pointing out things in baby’s world that are the same color.

Parents will highly appreciate the quick dismantlement and portability of the Rainforest Jumperoo the frame pivots – the swingarm in a nested position so that it can be hidden away when not in use, and simply folds so you can carry it.

The Rainforest Jumperoo includes a motion sensor that stimulates children by rewarding them with light and sound when jumping. It keeps them entertained and excited all the time.


  • Soft spring covers keep little fingers safe
  • Busy activities include peek-a-boo tiger, bat-at monkey, rattle lizard, bobble elephant, spinner drum & more
  • Durable frame is easy to assemble
  • A 360-degree rotating seat with three-levels of height adjustment, the jumperoo is designed for baby’s comfort
  • Padding seat is washable with the machine
  • No doorway required
  • Folds for storage
  • Encourages leg muscle development at a time when baby is preparing to stand and walk


  • Children tends to walk on tiptoe

Have you ever tried to complete a task, such as a cook dinner, make a phone call or clean the dishes with a busy baby crawling around the house? If you have, you know how challenging it can be to keep your baby entertained. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo will never make you disappointed because of so many benefits that offer you above. It is one of the best-selling baby products and is highly rated by reviewers.

Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper, Little Jungle

How adorable your kids look when jumping in exciting mood within the Graco Bumper Jumper in the Little Jungle pattern! This product highlights a strong clamp that attaches to your doorway with an elastic, all-around bumper to help prevent any marking. You will look at its special features that make you satisfied completely.


  • Attaches EASILY to doorframe for portable fun
  • High-back, nylon padded seat is easily machine washable
  • Child must be able to hold head up unassisted
  • Height adjustable, with a play tray and 2 soft toys.
  • Plastic dome keeps straps apart to simplify getting Baby in and out
  • Soft, all-around bumper protects woodwork
  • Item Weight: 3.5 lbs
  • Weight Limit: 25 lbs
  • Maximum height: 80.5″
  • Minimum height: 69.5″
  • Product Dimensions 18.2 x 17.5 x 5.7

Your toddler will love bouncing up and down in Graco’s Bumper Jumper doorway baby bouncer, in Little Jungle. It is an interesting, fun way to entertain your child, as you can attach it to the door frame to create an instant activity to entertain and amuse your child.

Thanks to the removable, washable seat pad, it’s very simple to keep your baby’s play space tidy, The high-back, nylon seat pad is removable for machine washing so that you can save time and easily wash it whenever you need.

With this Bumper Jumper, Little Jungle, parents can easily get baby in and out of the jumper because it has special non – twist traps and the plastic dome that keeps the straps separated.

Safety is the most important problem to baby’s play. Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper meet completely the safety requirement because it has a sturdy spring, with a hidden safety cord. That’s why you’ll feel great about offering your little one non-stop jumping fun!

Graco’s Bumper Jumper does not have a seam, so it will not leave a mark on your door at home or away. NO mark clamp is an interesting feature of Graco’s Bumper Jumper. Because it will leave no mark on your doors at home or away. Spring clamps will not mark the doorways when you directly attach this jumper, so you can attach it anywhere to entertain your child.

This marvelous doorway baby bouncer was designed to delight your kid and easy for you. The special attachment makes it simple to connect it to your doorframe.

This product provides height adjustment mode that allows you adjust the right height for maximum jumping fun for your child.

Take your baby on safari with the cute Little Jungle model. Your child will love giraffes, elephants, and cute monkeys playing jokes.

Bumper Jumper has a great extra feature: a toy tray. Two soft, removable toys are included, attached to adjustable play rings. Your kid’s imagination will be stimulated when touching these cute, interactive toys. This way, your little one can play with toys and bounce at the same time. What fun!


  • High-back nylon seat pad that is removable and machine washable
  • Attaches to doorframe EASILY
  • Height Adjustable for the child from 5.5 to 25 lbs.
  • Toy Tray: Play tray for toys
  • 2 soft, removable, interactive toys attach to adjustable play rings
  • The rubber bumper around the edges to prevent hard bumps in the doorway.
  • Easy to put it up in the doorframe and take it down
  • No Mark Clamp: Spring-loaded clamp won’t mark door moldings
  • Have 2 small areas and one large area that you can put snacks in when a baby is old enough.
  • The toys are hung facing the inside where baby can play with them
  • Easy to get baby in and out of.


  • The seat is still a little low but at least it doesn’t go up to his shoulders

Over a half-century of success in the childcare and baby care industry with top-quality products that are inspired by the needs of both parents and babies. Graco is known around the world for its innovative baby swings, car seats, highchairs, travel systems and more. Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper, Little Jungle is one of the best-selling product that never makes you disappointed when you choose it.

Sassy Inspire The Senses Bounce Around Activity Center
Baby Jumper

4. Whether baby jumpers are safe or not?

It is not surprising when hearing that baby jumpers are unsafe to your baby. The fact remains that if baby jumpers are still legally sold and many parents guarantee for baby jumpers, It can be concluded that there were more positives than negatives, and they are safer than unsafer.
However, to protect your baby from the injury, you need to follow some precautionary solutions:

  • Do not go away the room when your baby is in the jumpers.
  • Do not attach small toys with the jumper through strings. Because there may be a chance of the strings intertwining. Throw dangerous materials away. You’re mistaken when thinking that your baby’s movement is limited to up and down movement. Since when being limited, your baby can move back and forth as well, therefore There is a worth keeping hazardous materials away from them.
  • Do not use the jumper any longer when your baby exceeds the weight and height limit. These two things can not.
  • Keep the jumper away pools, stairs or other hazardous areas
  • Do not shift the jumper around while your baby is still in it.
  • Always keep the floor clear of sharp or pointy objects because your baby can jump on.
  • Always place the jumper on a flat, level surface

5. Safety concerns about doorway jumpers

As mentioned earlier, door jumpers bring with them extra safety concerns. Most concerns are preventable, but there’s literally no harm in keeping them in the back of your mind

  • Collisions There is no frame in the doorway jumper. To solve this problem, the manufacturers design doorway jumpers with rounded padding around the seat in order that the baby won’t be hurt if he or she accidently collides with the wall.However, babies often bring their head or their arms outside of the defensive circle and that can make doorway jumpers unsafe. The only good way to overcome this situation is to cover the doorway with padding.
  • Clamps A doorway jumper makes use of a clamp to attach to itself. The clamp that holds the door jumper upright can slip or break, sending your baby tumbling to the floor. Problems related to clamps can be slipping off a baby because they weren’t attached suitably to the doorway or the clamp is not perfect and may break.
    Many doorway jumpers have been recollected over the years owing to their faulty clamps. However, even if you can choose the best doorway jumper, you can’t impute a blame to the manufacturers if the clamps are not installed correctly in the first place.
  • Doorway use A door jumper will require the use of the molding on a doorway. This means you have to dedicate a doorway completely. you can’t move into the room without catching an eye on your baby.While you might be more careful and either use another way in and out or ensuring that you don’t make your baby colliding with the wall or If you have a large animal like a dog then you will have to be completely careful when using a door jumper. Your dog is more likely to direct route and run through your baby walk straight in pushing your baby towards the door frame.

6. What is the purpose of a baby jumper?

A baby jumper is a fun activity that allows your baby to use his still developing leg muscles. Best baby jumpers are necessarily a seat attached to an elastic strap. Your baby sits in the seat and uses his toes to push off the ground.
Many parents arrive at an agreement that baby jumpers help your baby sleep and using a baby jumper is regarded as a solution to get rid of their baby ‘s excess energy. Therefore, the main purpose is just to make your baby busy and happy, the baby jumper has its own advantages. And they also report that their babies sleep easily and comfortably at night after spending much time with the jumpers. It is a myth that you can keep someone as energetic as a baby in one place for a long time alone all day, but what other choices do babies have? A baby jumper is the best choice for those babies who haven’t learned how to walk yet. Do you know that when your baby learn how to walk, he’ll be able to tire himself out after playing all day? It means that he can exert much their energy on the jumper. That ‘s why he can sleep soundly at night.

7. At what age can your baby use a jumper?

Using a baby jumper depends much on the baby’s development stage rather than the baby’s age. If your baby can support her head without help then it is the time to get a jumper. Likewise, if your baby is already able to walk, then there’s not worth getting them the jumper. Different babies have different development stages of their ages. Thus, it is important for you to get a jumper accordingly to the baby’s development stage. There is an exception to this rule coming when manufacturers give a minimum age limit on their products so if you think your baby is ready to use but aren’t quite sure yet, the best thing you need to do is using the age limit as a reference.

8. Do best baby jumpers help with leg development?

There is a fiction that baby jumpers can help your baby’s leg muscles and motor coordination. Some experts warn that baby jumpers may delay your baby from walking and recommend the maximum time using jumpers per day for each baby is only 20 minutes. However, many mothers report that their babies sit in the jumpers with joy every day and learned how to walk dependently without difficulties. Finally, you have to make a decision whether a jumper is appropriate for your baby or not.

9. What is the difference between Jumpers, bouncers, and swings?

Although they might seem similar to each other, but the mechanism is quite different.

  • Baby Jumpers – Use the movement of the baby’s feet to bounce up and down
  • Baby bouncers – Bounce according to your baby’s wiggly movements in the seat
  • Baby swings – Do not require your baby’s motion because it is automatic or someone else will help to push it
Evenflo Exersaucer
Baby Einstein Recall
Best baby jumpers

10. The different types of baby jumpers

Stationary Jumper:

  • A stationary jumper is fixed into place because of the frame which keeps it so.A stationary jumper will consist of a seat, an elastic cord and a frame A stationary jumper gives no additional entertainment to your baby other than jumping up and down.
  • The best stationary jumper by Jolly Jumper is the best option. This jumper is quite easy to fix and there have been no incidents of the clamp ever slipping from the frame. The frame is incredibly steady and the seat supports your baby from the back. This is the best solution for parents with energetic babies who are looking for a way to tire them out.

Stationary Activity Jumper:

  • The thing that makes the stationary jumper different from the stationary activity jumper is the variety of toys surrounded its frame with the purpose of making your baby entertained when he is not in the mood of jumping up and down.
  • The best stationary activity jumper by Fisher – price is recommended as the best choice because of some reasons. Firstly, because it is very convenient with a rotating seat, height adjustment, and easy storage. Secondly, It’s a gorgeous jumper with many toys which are either battery-operated, soft plush or noise making

Doorway Jumper

  • Often referred to as door jumpers because Doorway jumpers have no frame instead they have a clamp attached to the flexible cable in order that the jumper can be attached as a bungee to door frames. However, Doorway jumpers can only be used on door frames.The one advantage a doorway jumper has over a stationary jumper is its cost. If you have a little money, then go for the doorway jumper. Although they are cheap, they also have a lot more safety concerns.
  • Graco provides the best doorway jumper money can buy. It is one of the most popular doorway jumpers out there. This doorway jumper has a removable and washable seat, which makes your baby easy to get into and out of it.

In short, a jumper for boys or girls is a fun and useful item to have for your baby especially if you have an energetic little child who isn’t able to walk yet but want to move around and play. Hoping that you can choose the most suitable and the best one for your baby’s needs. Have fun!